Curatorial Collective for Public Art (CCPA)

Future Perfect Talks

Last year, I appeared with Berlin-based collaborators B_Tour, who create nomadic curatorial platforms for contemporary performance artists. We met for a curatorial and dramaturgical research project, examining the staging of speculative futures in the field of public art.


A site-specific exhibition in Berlin featuring artists from across Europe presenting future possibilities and speculative realities in response to climate change. I created the mediation concept as well as recruited and trained the mediation team.

„We aim to collectively develop conceptual and artistic imaginaries of the world after the climate catastrophe has unfolded or been mitigated. Specifically, we are interested in the use of technological and artistic strategies for augmenting reality as a method to make the future experienceable.

―Lianne Mol, Curatorial Collective for Public Art, founding member

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Beyond Nature (Jenseits der Natur), Club Real

Jenseits der Natur, Volksherrschaft im Garten Berlin, is a collaboration of Club Real, a Berlin- and Vienna-based collective of artists working to make ecological, participatory, immersive, durational, political theater.

A constitution for a small, burgeoning garden/forest in Wedding, Berlin has been ratified, which forms a Parlament of Organisms, an Executive, and a Constitutional Court.

In 2019 there was a sitting of the first Parlament of Organisms, an executive action day in the garden, and a hearing of two constitutional complaints from various organisms in Ballhaus Ost in Berlin.

In 2020 we improvised because of Corona regulations and had the second sitting of Parlament via Jitsi Meet and YouTube Live. The Executive + Court proceeded on-site, albeit with masks and distance in accordance with regulations at that time.

In 2021 this maturing and growing project will continue, with the Constitutional Court happening at Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

We are looking forward to future events in Leipzig!

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Podcast, Deutschlandfunk Kultur

I play a principle role in the newest radio drama by David Lindemann, recently broadcast on Deutschlandfunk Kultur. It is in collaboration with Club Real, part of our project titled „Jenseits der Natur.“

„Oslower Straße: Die erste Berliner Organismendemokratie“

Now streaming on Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

(The broadcast is primarily in German with some short passages in English)

Photo © Club Real and Deutschlandfunk Kultur

COVIntegration Toolkit

I have created a website that I believe is really needed right now. I share it freely with people who need this toolkit.

I am calling it the COVIntegration Toolkit. It’s designed to be done with a small group of people you really trust and love. Included in it are:

  • a guided meditation
  • a writing exercise
  • and a registration for a follow-up meeting in Leipzig

My first novel

A work-in-progress (98% complete), the working title of my first novel is, „Traveling Light“.

It is a fictionalized memoir of a Indigiqueer Cherokee and Jewish woman, reconciling with her transness in a non-trans world. She learns to speak the language of her own authenticity by transforming personal and ancestral trauma, vacillating between romantic relationships, and spreading herself a little too thin across an ocean and maybe… beyond.

Real Women, Real Stories Series

„Real Women, Real Stories“ documents experiences of feminine people in the health care system.

My piece in the series can be read here: Accessing Competent Care While Trans.

The unedited version can be read on my Medium.

Photo ©

Because I’m an anomaly, continually my in-betweenness, my transness, is reduced in hopes of making me fit into a range that the system can comprehend. In the case of my transness it is reduced to the conversations that people who do not have my lived experience demand that I have.

―Aurelie Richards

Let’s create something together.

… especially if you are looking to do LGBTQIA organizing, development, and programming.

…especially if you are looking for an experienced educator and coach on transgender issues in programs, organizations, and universities.

…especially if you need a keynote or panel speaker for queer and trans, feminist activism for your event.