About Me

My name is Aurelie Richards, and I am an educator, community builder, counsellor, facilitator, healer.

I grew up in California, was educated in New York, and am currently living in Berlin.

My Work

Presencing Facilitator

As a former Zen Buddhist monastic, I’ve been educating and counselling individuals, educators, medical practitioners, therapists, and parents on the joys of incorporating mindfulness and meditative practices into their personal and professional lives since 2011.

During that time I’ve also been applying Theory U (developed by Otto Scharmer at the Presencing Institute at MIT) to community and organizational transformation.

The counselling work that I do is moreover deeply trauma-informed, and backed by trainings in somatics, attachment theory, craniosacral biodynamics, and emotional freedom technique.

Resilience Coach

I earned my BFA from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University in 2010 and have over a decade of professional experience as a dancer and actor (stage, screen, and voice).

This background made me particularly attuned to the body – the personal human body, but also the group body, the pain body, the social body, the spirit body. Embodiment has been a fundament of my spiritual research and so a natural outcome of that is my pursuit of becoming a resilience coach and trauma recovery guide.

My method is a research-based, polyvagal- and trauma-informed set of somatics exercises and facilitation skills designed to tonify the nervous system through self- and co-regulation.


I’ve been practising intuitive healing since 2009, when I received private Reiki transmission. I went on to receive Shiatsu training from the Ohashi Institute in 2011. In 2022, I began my journey to becoming an acupuncturist and will complete my clinical hours in Beijing with apprentices from Wang Ju-Yi in 2024.

I offer the NADA protocol for addiction and trauma recovery, as well as moxa treatments for sensitive systems and immune tonification.

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Clients + Partners

Photo © Carmen Spagnola

My primary client in 2022/23 was The Numinous Network, founded by Carmen Spagnola.

I managed the platform which offers live wellness sessions, foundational attachment courses, on-demand practice videos, and monthly intuition and spiritual-development workshops to support your wellness journey, and leave you feeling calm, connected, stable, and soothed.

Catalyst Institute
Head of People and Wellbeing (HR)
Antioch University
Department of Applied Psychology
Deutschlandfunk Kultur
Voice Actress
Curatorial Collective for Public Art
Cultural Mediation
Housing Works
HIV Hospice Programming
Ponderosa e.V
Presencing Coach + Project Management
Blue Cliff Monastery
Mindful Living

Wake Up International
Monastic Delegation

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