About Me

Aurelie Richards is a writer, performer, activist, body worker, healer, and coach, born-and-raised in California and currently based in Berlin.

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My Work

Mindfulness Coach

As a former Zen Buddhist monastic, I’ve been educating and coaching individuals, educators, medical practitioners, therapists, and parents on the joys of incorporating mindfulness into meditative practices as well as daily life since 2011.

My most recent project in this field was designing a creative arts and somatic-based program to educate therapists learning to treat transgender clients. Learn more about the Trans Affirmative Therapy Certificate in Applied Psychology at Antioch University.


Since 2012, I’ve been publishing my own queer and trans experiences and my reflections on our LGBTQIA+ communities with feminist and anti-racist lenses. I’ve also extensively done copy writing and editing.

That said…
My first novel is forthcoming!

In 2018, I experienced endings in almost every aspect of my life. I have been documenting these transformations through fictionalized memoir, which documents the healing process of a sex and love addict, Indigiqueer trans-feminine protagonist, seesawing between relationships and continents.


I earned my BFA from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University in 2010 and have over a decade of professional experience as a dancer and actor (stage, screen, and voice).

I’m most excited to share with you the work I do with Club Real, based in Berlin and Vienna. We do participatory, durational, political theater. Our current project Jenseits der Natur is a year-long, on-site and online installation in Wedding, Berlin.

You’ll find here an overview of some current projects.

Clients + Partner

Housing Works:
HIV Hospice Programming
Antioch University:
Department of Applied Psychology

Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Sprecherin / Voice Actor
Out in the Open:
Development Department
Blue Cliff Monastery:
Mindful Living Exchange

Wake Up International:
Monastic Delegation

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