1:1 Sessions

  • Online on Zoom
  • In-person in Berlin
  • Compliant with regulations (US, Canada, and E.U.)
  • Session types:
    • Resilience
    • Somatics
    • Presencing
    • Ear acupuncture

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I’m a member of the health care collective meta:morfosis, where I conduct my in-person sessions.

Wellness at Work

  • Stress reduction and burnout prevention (for individuals and teams)
  • Attachment styles at work (for teams and leadership)
  • Belonging and psychological safety (for leadership)

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Team Training

  • Power and equity awareness (beyond DEI)
  • Presencing process for navigating change and transitions (Theory U)
  • Workshopping People goals (i.e. sustainability and/or governance)

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  • Somatics for stress management
  • Queer and trans competency (for those in helping professions, including therapists, coaches, nurses, doctors, and teachers)
  • Neuroanatomy education and exercises (for therapists, coaches, and bodyworkers)
  • Painless Plenary Meetings (for collectives)

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