Aurelie Richards is a writer, performer, activist, body worker, healer, and coach, born-and-raised in California and currently based in Berlin, Germany.

Aurelie Richards, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin, 2019

As an amateur beekeeper, skilled biodynamic gardener, and avid hiker, my time spent in Vermont after eight years of dancing professionally in New York City, were some of my favorite and most transformative years. It was also where I became a rural queer and trans community builder, wildcrafter of plant medicine, as well as arts- and mindfulness-based coach.

For a more in-depth reading about my transgender experience you can read about My Journey.

Now, after 16 years of Buddhist practice, 12 years of Reiki practice, 10 years of activism and community building, 8 years of Shiatsu-informed bodywork, 5 years of gender transition, and 3 years of developing and disseminating my unique coaching methods, I’m thrilled to take private clients in addition to consulting and teaching within organizations.

We are free to change the world
and start something new in it.

Hannah Arendt

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